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The Daimler 2½ Litre and V8 250 Saloons 

“True Prestige Motoring In The Modern Manner”

From the moment of its introduction, the Daimler 2½ Litre models have provided a unique kind of luxury motoring. The distinctive V8 two-and-a-half litre twin carburetter engine with its turbine-like smooth performance is powerful and progressive; be that with a Borg Warner Type 35 automatic transmission or a 4-speed all synchromesh gearbox, with or without overdrive. There can be no doubt that these beautiful cars offer a very individual character, combining high performance with traditional Daimler comfort and refinement.

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Identification Numbers

Chassis / Car Numbers:

(Stamped in the bonnet catch channel forward of the radiator header tank.)
2½L V8 Saloon RHD     1A.1001 Onwards
2½L V8 Saloon LHD      1A.2001 Onwards

V8-250 Saloon RHD      1K.1001 Onwards
V8-250 Saloon LHD      1K.3001 Onwards

Chassis number suffix:
DN = Overdrive (Laycock de Normanville)
BW = Automatic (Borg Warner)

Engine Numbers:
Stamped on the front end of the RH cylinder bank on the cylinder block fitting face.
2½L V8 Saloon        7A.1001 Onwards
V8-250 Saloon        7K.1001 Onwards

Key Numbers:
Two different types of keys are provided to enable the car to be left with luggage boot and cubby locker locked, on the occasions when it is required to leave the ignition keys with the car:
a) The square-headed key operates the ignition switch and door locks
b) The rectangular headed key operates the locks for the luggage boot lid and the cubby locker. 



Four-door five-seater saloon, front-engined rear-wheel drive.


V8 OHV, a hemispherical head, 2,548 cc capacity; bore & stroke, 76.2 x 68.9 mm; compression ratio 8.2 to 1; twin SU HD6 carburettors; 140bhp at 5,800rpm, maximum torque 155 lb.ft. at 3,600rpm.

Suspension, Steering, & Brakes:

Front independent coil springs, wishbones, & telescopic dampers with anti-roll bar. Rear live axle located radius arms and Panhard rod with cantilever leaf springs and telescopic dampers. The steering is a Burman recirculating ball type with optional power assistance. Dunlop disc brakes with Lockheed vacuum servo.


6.00 / 6.40 x 15
Normal Driving Conditions F: 28lbs & R: 28lbs
Fast & Laden Conditions: F: 33lbs & R: 33lbs

185/80 x 15
Normal Driving Conditions F: 30lbs & R 30lbs
Fast & Laden Conditions: F: 36lbs & R: 36lbs


A Borg-Warner type 35 automatic gearbox with torque converter and 3- speed planetary gears. The final drive is a Hypoid bevel; ratio 4.27:1 with optional power lock limited slip differential. 

On the 1968 upgrade a 4-speed Manual Gearbox with optional Overdrive was introduced as an option; with the final drive being modified to 4.55:1 with overdrive. 


Manual Gearbox production was 760 of which 700 are with overdrive. (This information has been the subject of historical research via the JDHT.)

Gearbox Number (BW35):
Stamped on the plate attached to the LH side of the transmission casing.

Gearbox Number: (Manual Transmission):
Stamped on the shoulder at the LH rear corner of the gearbox casing and on the top cover.
The letter “N” at the end of the prefix letters indicates that an Overdrive is fitted.


Top Speed; 112.5 M.P.H.
Acceleration; 0-30 M.P.H., 4.9 secs.
0-50 M.P.H. 9.9 secs
0-60 M.P.H. 13.5 secs
0-80 M.P.H. 24 secs.
Standing 1/4 mile 19.2 secs.
Fuel Consumption 15 to 19 M.P.G.


On launch £1,568 19s 7d 1968 (upgrade) £1,615 12s 4d.
Extras- Power steering £66 9s 2d / Overdrive £44 5s 0d / Automatic £82 7s 1d


R.H.D. 17,157
L.H.D. 727
Total 17,884


Wheelbase: 8ft 11 ins / 2.727m
Length: 15ft 3/4 ins / 5.591m
Width: 5ft 6 ins / 1.695m
Height: 4ft 9 ins / 1.460m
Dry Weight: Overdrive Transmission 26.5cwts (1340kg) & Automatic 27cwts (1578.49kg)
Turning Circle – approx: 33ft 6 ins (10.21m)
Ground Clearance: 7 ins (178mm) 


Engine – refill:             12 pints – 6.8L

Engine – dry:               14 pints – 8.0L 

Cooling System

(with heater):               24 pints – 13.6L        

Auto Transmission:    15 pints – 8.5L

Gearbox:                       2-1/2 pints – 1.5L
Gearbox with OD:       4 pints – 2.25L

Rear Axle:                     2¾ pints – 1.6L

Petrol Tank:                 12 gallons – 54.5L

V8-250 Colour Schemes
Exterior & Interior

The colour schemes listed below are standard and any deviation involving special treatment of coachwork and/or upholstery will entail an extra charge for which a quotation will be given at the time of ordering. 


Red / Light Blue / Dark Blue


Red / Suede Green / Tan / Light Tan

Warwick Grey: 

Red / Dark Blue / Light Tan

Willow Green: 

Suede Green / Light Tan / Beige / Grey

British Racing Green:

Suede Green / Beige / Tan / Light Tan

Dark Blue:

Red / Light Blue / Grey


Red / Grey / Tan / Light Tan

Golden Sand:

Red / Light Tan

Opalescent Silver Grey:

Red / Light Blue / Dark Blue / Grey

Opalescent Silver Blue:

Dark Blue / Grey

Opalescent Maroon:

Maroon / Beige 

Daimler V8 Saloon Production Information

Years Manufactured:
Daimler 2½ Litre V8: October 1962 to June 1967
Daimler V8-250: July 1967 to July 1969 


2½ Litre V8 saloon RHD:

Released - Autumn 1962

First car Registered - November 1962
Chassis Number - 1A1001

Engine Number - 97331
Registration Number - 7792VC
Exterior Colour - Opalescent Maroon

Interior Colour - Beige Leather 


2½ Litre V8 saloon LHD:

Released - Autumn 1962

Registered - December 1962
Chassis Number - 1A2001

Engine Number - 741100
Exterior Colour - Opalescent Dark Blue

Interior Colour - Grey Leather
Exported to - Milan, Italy 

2½ Litre V8 saloon - First chassis number by year

Engine prefix: 7A  Body prefix:  4A

 Year     RHD                                LHD
1962    1A 1001 (November)    1A 20001 (November)
1963    1A 1025                          1A 20005
1964    1A 3343                          1A 20257
1965    1A 7162                          1A 20364
1966    1A 10401                        1A 20482
1967    1A 12497                        1A 20557
Last     1A 13377 (August 1967)    1A 20622 (August 1967)

V8-250 saloon RHD

Released - July 1967
First Chassis Number - 1K1001BW

Engine Number - 7A13670
Exterior Colour - Warwick Grey

Interior Colour - Red Leather
Last Release - 5th August 1969
Last Chassis Number - 1K5780BW

Engine Number - 7K5859
Registration Number - TCR585H
Exterior Colour – Regency Red

Interior Colour – Beige Leather

V8-250 saloon - First chassis number by year

Engine prefix: 7K  Body prefix: 4K

 Year     RHD                                LHD

1967    1K 1001 (July)                 1K 30001 (August)
1968    1K 1848                           1K 30043
1969    1K 4697                           1K 30095
Last    1K 5780 (August 1969)    1K 30105 (July 1969)


The last LHD 2½ Litre V8 saloon produced was on the 8th June 1967 with chassis number 1A20622DN and engine number 7A14081. The car was Opalescent Silver with a dark blue leather interior. It had an initial UK registration number of  NDU658F, but was then exported to Canada.

The absolute finite Daimler V8-250 saloon to be released was in fact an LHD manual overdrive model, on the 9th July 1969. Chassis number was 1K30105DN with engine number 7K5417 allocated. The Exterior colour was Fawn with a red leather interior. 

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Daimler V8 2.5 litre Saloon Extras Price
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