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The Daimler and Lanchester Owners' Club Limited

An Enthusiast's Club for owners of ALL Daimlers, Lanchesters, and BSAs.

The DLOC is a club run for enthusiasts by enthusiasts for the owners of all Daimlers, Lanchesters and BSAs. The club was formed in June 1964 with the primary aim of promoting interest in, the use of and the preservation of all vehicles manufactured by Daimler, Lanchester and BSA. The DLOC incorporates both the Lanchester Register and the SP250 Owners’ Club and is closely associated with the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust.

Both Daimler and Lanchester hold their own claim to British automotive history. Lanchester was the very first all British, four-wheeled, petrol-driven motor car owing little to previously recognised mechanical principles. Daimler has the distinction of being the British marque with the longest continuous production run. As a result, the club holds the distinction of catering for more models and a more diverse range of vehicles than any other marque club. Between them Daimler, Lanchester and BSA have manufactured practically every imaginable form of transport: from heavy commercials, buses, air and waterborne craft, to family cars, luxury saloons, limousines and sports cars. The club exists for them all.

Currently, we have about 1450 members worldwide. Our aim is to embrace owners of all vehicles of the marques, to be a source of information as well as a sociable club. Whatever your interest in the classic car hobby we aim to take a modern progressive approach to the hobby.

The DLOC is particularly proud of its association with Jaguar Cars Ltd and the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust (JDHT), which has a growing collection of Daimler and Lanchester cars, which they kindly bring to a number of club events. 

So if you have a Daimler, Lanchester or BSA why not join us?  Go to our Membership page

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