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Parts and Service Companies

Below you will find details of high quality companies who are offering our members outstanding quality and value. 

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David Manners Group are major sponsors of the DLOC.

Enquire for their comprehensive range of parts and accessories.

Quote your club membership number to receive exclusive discounts

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Peter Best Insurance
Approved Classic Car insurance provider for the Daimler and Lanchester Owners’ Club

Tel: 01376 574000

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Abbeyfields Insurance
Classic Car insurance provider for the Daimler and Lanchester Owners’ Club

Tel: 0121 550 2380

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Adrian Flux
 Classic Car Insurance

Tel: 0800 916 1288

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Northern Radiators
Radiator and Fuel tanks
Refurbishment to the highest standards

Tel: 01123 243 5051

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J & E Engineering Services
Engine machine shop and Engine Rebuilders to the highest standards

Tel: 01706 222662

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Daimler and Jaguar Spares

Daimler V8 250 and 2½ litre


Tel: 01254 398 476

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Graham Whitehouse
Automatic and Pre-Select Specialist

Tel: 0121 559 9800

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Russ Carpenter
Automotive Engineers

Tel: +44(0)1483 570 632

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Classic and Vintage
Vehicle Engineering

All aspects of classic car repair, restoration and maintenance

Tel: 07549 641943

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Gate 7

Signage, decals and printed components.

Gate 7 create our
International Rally Plaques 

Tel: 0191 487 85 48

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Longstone Classic Tyres

All types of tyres and tubes from vintage to classic.

Tel: 01302 711 123

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Special Tools, Modifications and Parts from J&E Engineering

J&E Banner.JPG


The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs has been working with the oil company MOTUL to create a special deal for classic car clubs.

Motul is a family owned, French oil company who are very well known in the UK motorcycle industry where they estimate they have 40% of the oil sales.

Motul have created an offer whereby DLOC members can buy their products at a 15% discount and the club receives a 5% referral fee.

The quality of their products is evident by the product specifications and they will work with the DLOC to create a reference sheet to match our vehicle requirements to their products. In the meantime, it’s easy to see they have SAE 30 for the older engines, fluid flywheels and gearboxes, through 20/50 blends and up to the modern style oils we use in our everyday cars. And it’s not just oils as they do brake fluid, antifreeze and many other products. (If you buy antifreeze and brake fluid, please make sure it’s suitable for your car – that’s why we will be producing a reference chart soon.)

It's easy to order, just go to the webpage select your products and at the checkout using the club discount code DLOC15. The oil is despatched overnight from Motul’s warehouse in Malvern. Couldn’t be easier to save a fiver and earn the club a quid. Whatever money we receive will go to keeping our subscriptions down.

One unique aspect of Motul’s service is a mail-order Oil Analysis kit. An oil analysis can search for contaminants and metal elements present in the lubricant, detect premature or accelerated engine or gearbox wear and recommend if it is necessary to carry out parts replacement - could save you a fortune (and you get £6 off the price).

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