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The superb series of The Lanchester Legacy Books
direct from the author

Vol 1.jpg

Volume One: This A4-size, 285-page story tells of the Lanchester brothers’ determination to produce world-beating cars, completely different from all others.  Their first was driven in 1895, so becoming the 1st all-British, 4-wheel  motor car.  The antics of Fred, Frank & George Lanchester are a joy to read but at the time were but a necessary respite from continuous pioneering invention.  Their famous cars claimed a loyal following through the veteran years into the1920s and were heralded as ‘Pre-eminent among the world’s finest cars’.  The 40hp and 30hp Straight-8s were acclaimed but the company was continually stifled by under-investment, and sadly destined to be sold in 1931 during the world economic recession.

of the definitive story of Lanchester direct from the author, C.S. Clark

Vol 2.jpg

Volume Two: Continuing the story from Volume One, this is the only book ever written specifically for Lanchester cars built from 1931 until 1956.  It contains 316 A4 pages, including some 400 glorious pictures of Lanchester cars and components, the majority of which are in full colour. Its 29 chapters include those on the Fluid Flywheel and Pre-select gearbox.  Others tell the wonders of Dr Fred, Frank and George Lanchester, the patronage by King George VI and other royals, loyal devotion from the workforce, yet all hindered by inept Daimler-Lanchester company mismanagement.   Authenticated by countless quotes from Lanchester employees, this book is highly regarded by all owners and enthusiasts alike.

of the definitive story of Lanchester direct from the author, C.S. Clark

Vol 3.jpg

Volume Three: Entitled ‘A Celebration of Genius’ this 295-page, A4 book is written by 20 various experts on Lanchester life and invention.  Nearly 50 pages explore the comprehensive and popular biographies of the Lanchester brothers and their incredible siblings, which set the scene for an insight into Dr. Fred’s inventive mind.  Among other features are his innovative work on aircraft design, strategies of warfare, business strategy, sound and radio, civil engineering, motor vehicle design, petrol-electric propulsion and details of Britain’s first HYBRID car, the 1926/7 Lanchester.  For good measure, a full list of investigative reports and his profound 250 patented inventions are highlighted.

of the definitive story of Lanchester direct from the author, C.S. Clark

Vol 4.jpg

Volume Four: Hot off the press, these 352 A4 pages are in landscape format.  With a Foreword by engineer and actor, Sir David Jason, these describe the full 1895-1956 Lanchester story, mostly within its pictures and descriptive captions. By popular demand, the more technical details are left to the earlier, comprehensive Volumes 1,2 and 3.  This stand-alone book is therefore able to concentrate on over 600 hundred beautiful and striking, colour-tinted pictures displayed, along with a worldwide census of surviving cars and all aspects of progressive Lanchester innovation and life that are relevant in today’s world.  Designed to be repeatedly read and explored, there is no doubt that Volume 4 will leave you amazed and in awe. 

VOLUME FOUR Just Published Comprehensive photographic record from the author, C.S. Clark

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