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The Club's Historian has achieved a thirty-year old ambition and after in-depth research, has produced an impressive work covering all types and all known examples of Daimler's famous Straight-Eight.

Dubious ‘facts’ about the first Straight-Eights have been blown away and the record set straight. The position of Lancefield as a major contributor for Daimler Hire coachwork has been recognised for the first time. New and exciting discoveries have been made. Archives for Daimler and many of the coachbuilders are depleted or cease to exist brit from what remains chassis and production numbers have been marshalled into some order within the Appendices.

The world- wide Daimler fraternity have contributed with car and ownership histories, details of restoration and conversion projects, anecdotes and, of course, many fine pictures. The Author contends that many DaimlerStraight-Eights merit recognition as masterpieces in design, art and craftsmanship and are worthy of conservation.

Brochures and road tests covering the entire range of models have been reproduced and the whole work will provide hours of delight!

Daimler Straight Eights - a new book by Brian Smith

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