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DLOC Membership

An Enthusiast's Club for owners of ALL
Daimlers, Lanchesters, and BSAs.

If you’re looking for information about Daimler, Lanchester or BSA cars....

whether you are searching for...  

 - information about what to buy, what to look for;

 - about access to spare parts and services;

 - to meet up with like-minded people

 - to share experiences and

 - to enjoy taking part in rallies and events.

     - then you’ve come to the right place!


The DLOC is a club run for enthusiasts by enthusiasts for the owners of all Daimlers, Lanchesters and BSAs.

Monthly Magazine

Where ever you are in the world, each month members receive by post the Club's magazine "The Driving Member" - that's twelve issues of 40 or more interesting and superbly produced pages. The magazine takes its name from the drive of the fluid flywheel. It contains news, views, technical articles and reports on social events. Members can advertise cars or parts in the small advertisement section.

Handbooks, Manuals and Parts Catalogues

As well as the magazine, the club reproduces a number of driver's handbooks, workshop manuals and parts catalogues (where they were produced). In many cases, this is the only source of these items. Some commercial publications on the club marques are also available. These are available to members in PDF Format through this website.

Technical & Moral Support
The club is run on the basis of volunteer model registrars and branch secretaries, who are available to help members in difficulty with advice on car-related matters. Whatever your problems, no doubt someone in the club will have had it. Some registrars run Technical Days for specific models and have a wealth of knowledge about their particular model.

Parts and Spares
Although the club does not have its own Spare parts operation, it does have a Director with specific responsibly for finding those hard to get parts. Advertisements from traders and members in the Driving Member and our model registrars can help you in sourcing those elusive parts needed to finish your restoration or keep your car on the road.

Social Events, Trips and Rallies
The main Club event of the year is the annual International Rally usually held on the 2nd Sunday in June. The location of the rally moves around in the country and we even have held three in The Netherlands. Branch secretaries organise monthly get-togethers around the country. Active members organise stands at local and national level shows where cars can be shown and other members can be met.

Our aim is to be a car club with a smile on its face.

Free For Sale or Wanted advertising is available to members in the Driving Member.

The club archive is housed at the Jaguar Heritage Trust at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, Warwickshire.  Along with the Trust's archive, this is available to members by appointment.

Insurance Scheme (for UK members)
Several Club insurance schemes give members a discount not only on their classic car but also on their normal car.

Re-registration (for UK members)
The club may be able to help members retain the original registration number of their car.

All this for an annual subscription of £53.00 for UK,
£60 for EU members and £65 for International Members.

So if you have a Daimler, Lanchester or BSA why not join us?  

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