The Daimler and Lanchester Owners' Club Limited

Notice for the 43rd Annual General Meeting

for Financial Year Ending 31st May 2021

To be held - Saturday 20 November 2021 at 12 noon UK time

as a "Virtual" conference

Due to the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus, this meeting will be held by WebEx and will be limited to 90 members plus the Board and Club officials (max 100 attendees). To obtain a "ticket", please Register using the button below.

The full Agenda will be published in the October 2021 magazine and will be emailed to every member for whom we have their email address.


For information, the following is, an outline Agenda:

Ordinary Business

1.    Welcome from the President
2.    Introductions from the Board and Officials
3.    Apologies for absence
4.    To receive and adopt the minutes of the 42nd meeting
5.    Matters arising from the minutes
6.    To receive the reports of Directors and Officials
       a.    Chairman – “State of the Club”
       b.    Treasurer – presentation of the accounts
       c.    Membership – report on membership 
       d.    Editor – magazine status
       e.    Advertising – report on current advertising status
7.    To re-elect the Directors standing down by rotation – Mark Cuthbert-Brown and Colin Heslop
8.    To elect 
        a.    The Honorary Secretary
        b.    The Honorary Treasurer
9.    To authorise the Directors to fix the annual subscription fee.

Special business

No member-generated requests have been received.

After the close of the official AGM, there will be a period to discuss other matters – as determined by Tony Fardoe.  

These will include a report on the status of the 2022 Rally in York

If you are unable to attend and wish to Vote using a Proxy, you may use this electronic form here: 

Alternatively, you may download a copy of the Proxy Form here and return it by post (instructions on the form)