Daimler and Lanchester - 110 years of heritage

No other marque can cover as many years as Daimler - 1897 to 2007.  In Lanchester, no other marque put into practice engineering innovations decades ahead of their time. Both truly remarkable marques.

Here are the major model milestones and most are supported by model specialists who can be contacted through the model pages below.

Veteran & Edwardian


Daimler and Lanchester were world pioneers in motor car production in the 1890s and 1900s. Both marques completed quite astonishing feats including 1,000 mile endurance trials.



Who knew BSA produced cars? From 1907 and into the 1930's. Built in the Daimler Factory and now very rare.

LANCHESTER 15/18 & 18


The 15-18 was the first Coventry-designed Lanchester.

DAIMLER Straight 8

1936 - 1939

Daimler's Bentley basher. Newly developed engine was increased to 4 litres for outstanding performance.

Lanchester "LD10"

1946 - 1951

THe Lanchester Ten, also known as the LD10, was presented as a compact companion model to the Daimler range, being "craftsman built" and among the smallest ever volume-produced cars from the company.

DAIMLER Regency, Sportsman and 104 models

1953 - 1959

Filling a niche in the 1950s for stylish and sporty saloons prior to the introduction of the Majestic, these models span a number of chassis and engines.


1959 - 1964

When introduced, the thrilling performance of this 2½ litre V8 engined sports car shook the old school manufacturers. They now are now highly regarded and have an exceptionally loyal following.

DAIMLER Sovereign'420'

1966 - 1969

Based on the Jaguar 420 and powered by the Jaguar straight 6 of 4.2 litres the Sovereign marked the move to Jaguar badge engineering.

DAIMLER Sleeve Valve models

1909 - 1929

Daimler licenced and then further developed the American Knight engines for their cars adopting them because of their superior silent running and power. The span of models was immense.

LANCHESTER 10,11,12,14


Following the acquisition of Lanchester by BSA, a new range of Lanchester small premium cars appeared.

LANCHESTER 'New' Eighteen

1934-1939 Total built 901

Chassis ranges: 12291 - 13624

The Lanchester "New" Eighteen was introduced as a replacement for Lanchester's existing 18hp model and was well-received by the motoring press.

The last of the premium pre-war cars.

DAIMLER DB18 models

1938 - 1953

Developed from the 15, this 2½ litre chassis became the company's biggest success and was available in saloon, drop-head, Special Sports and Empress body styles.

DAIMLER post-war Large Saloons DE27, DH27, DE36
DC27 Ambulance

1946 - 1953

Favoured by King George and Royalty the world over, these massive and luxurious cars were produced in relatively small numbers.

DAIMLER Majestic range

1958 - 1968

Originally a 3 litre six, but with the introduction of the 4½ litre V8 engine this was a very special and fast motor car. Better than any Jaguar of the day.

DAIMLER 2½ Litre and V8 250 Saloons

1962 - 1969

Matching the 2½ litre V8 engine from the SP250 into the Jaguar Mark 2 saloon body mated to an automatic gearbox car was a stroke of genius and produced a car as smooth as silk. Very popular today.


1968 - 2009

Daimler became the luxurious and ultra-equipped versions of their Jaguar stable mates. Easily distinguished by the fluted grill and under-stated styling, Daimlers remain popular with governments throughout the world.



Lanchester was an engineering genius and the cars reflected his talents. The Lanchester Register caters exclusively for these magnificent motor cars.



The best selling Daimler of the 1930s and still very popular today. A six cylinder 2 litre engine coupled through a fluid flywheel to the Wilson pre-select gearbox made it exceptionally easy to drive. 

DAIMLER Light Twenty/Twenty

1935-1939 Total built 877

Chassis ranges: 41050 - 47749

Building on the success of the recently introduced Lanchester "Eighteen" model, the Daimler "Light Twenty" was advertised in July of 1935 and was largely based on the Lanchester Eighteen with the exception of having a 2,565c.c.(19.3 R.A.C. HP) engine.

DAIMLER Special Sports

1948 - 1952

Based on the DB18 chassis with an uprated engine, the Special Sports was announced at the 1948 Earls Court Motor Show. Expensive but supremely comfortable and capable of touring over long distances at high speed.

DAIMLER Conquest models

1953 - 1957

Daimler's first all-new post-war car although it followed  Daimler's conventional structure and layout. The sporting derivatives are highly sought-after.

DAIMLER Military Vehicles

1941 - 1970

Designed by BSA and built by Daimler and initially using their 2½ litre six engine, these lightly armoured cars saw active service in WW2 and conflicts into the 1970s.

DAIMLER DS420 Limousine

1968 - 1982

Recognised the world over as the iconic Limousine. Used by Heads of State and undertakers everywhere.

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