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The Daimler 2½ litre Saloons and variants 
DB17, DB18, Consort, Special Sport and Empress (1938-1953)

44995 (9).jpeg

DB17-1 Alain Lemmens Belgium

​DB17 1&2 

Pre-War Saloon and Ritz 

Chassis Numbers:

DB17-1 (44500-45499)   

DB17-2 (48550-)


DB18-2 Drop Head Coupe, Tony Hedge, UK


Post-War Drop Head Coupe

Chassis Numbers:

As saloon

JVC192 Daimlers Press Car (1).JPG

DB18 Special Sports, Kevin Bennett, UK

DB18 Special Sports

Chassis numbers

53750-53999; 56136-56188        
56700-56774; 59010 to 59239

DB18 Ritz (Dennis Mynard)

DB18-1 Ritz Dennis Mynard, UK


Pre-War Saloon, Drop Head Coupe and Ritz 

Chassis Numbers:


Daimler DB18 Consort  NTO344.jpg

DB18 Consort, Daimler Publicity Photograph

DB18 Consort

Chassis Numbers:

55000-55999;  56200-56699;

57010-59009;  59240-59989

DB18-2 Subbaiah Kuppanda, Bangalore.jpg

DB18-2 Saloon Subbaiah Kuppanda, Bangalore


Post-War Saloon and Ritz 

Chassis Numbers:

50013-50031; 50040-51039;
51800-52799;  53000-53749;
54500-54949;  56000-56135

DB18 Empress.jpg

DB18 Empress, Peter Towns, Australia

DB18 Empress

Chassis Numbers:

As Consort

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