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Fine metallic particles in the sump will cause problems if not quickly captured, hence the use of a magnetic sump plug makes sound common sense.

“J&E Engineering Services” has manufactured a batch of these units, for the Daimler V8 saloon and the SP250. Each respective model uses a different size sump plug.

The SP250 sump plugs were originally made of brass and over the decades will have been subject to some significant wear and tear. The V8 saloon sump plug was not brass, but will still have a few workshop scars.

In the main, the majority of saloons will still be running a non-magnetic sump plug and the SP250 never had that option, being brass.


All sump plugs produced by “J&E” utilise powerful rare earth magnets to attract the smallest of ferrous particles suspended within the engine oil. The unique design does NOT rely on the magnet alone or adhesive to secure the magnet to the plug, but rather a rivet through the centre which prevents magnet detachment whilst in service or being cleaned; hence a far superior design. All sump plugs come complete with both a bonded (Dowty) seal and a copper sealing washer for your preferred option.


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Magnetic Sump Plugs - V8 Saloon

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