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Lanchester LD10 63324 

This remarkable restoration was moved from its long term home in Blackpool where it had been undergoing a meticulous 30 or more year restoration by Frank Butcher. It has now fallen to the DLOC members to complete this superb Barker bodied 1950 Lanchester car to the same standard and then used to demonstrate the quality of engineering of the club's marques.

Lanchester LD10 63324 – which makes it a Barker. Current Registration: AFR 6  Original Registration was EFV 333


Chassis allocation: Prototypes: L60000 to L60024 total 25;

Briggs - 1st series: (April 1946 to June 1947)  L60025 to L63225 total 2,426   
Barker: (June 1950 to June 1951)   L63226 to L63804 total 579: Total for Model: 3,030


USEFUL DATA: Capacity 1287 cc  Compression Ratio: 7.1 to 1  Firing order: 1,3,4,2  
Sparking Plugs: NGK BP6E (modern equivalent)

Cooling system capacity: 2 Gallons; Engine oil capacity: 8 pints; Fluid Flywheel: 5 1/2 pints of SAE 30.

Four-speed gearbox: 4 pints of SAE 30; Rear axle: capacity 3 pints (recommend Extreme Pressure EP140 grade)

Petrol tank: 8 gallons (Inc. 1¼ gallons reserve)   Tyres: 5¼" x 16" tyres.  Tyre pressures: 26 psi (front) and 28 psi (rear)

First work Session 9th July 2021

Frank 9 July 2021 (1)

Wheels off for tyres to be inflated and brakes checked. Covered over to stop the bird droppings!

Frank 9 July 2021 (5)

New front engine mount courtesy of Peter Riches

Frank 9 July 2021 (4)

Installed by Matthew

Frank 9 July 2021 (2)

Carburettor controls attached and air silencer installed

Frank 9 July 2021 (3)

Engine retimed, point and plugs installed

Jobs underway:

Fitting  of the exhaust system

Return spring for throttle

Remove drums and check brake action

Reposition brake light switch

Painting of wheels (may delay and have them stove enamelled later)

Source replacement top and bottom hoses as those supplied by John Nash were oversized

Source E10 resistant gaskets and seals for Zenith and fuel pump

Source battery

First work Session 9th July 2021

Notes compiled by Frank Butcher over the span of the restoration

Index to pages and cross reference
Pages 1 - 56
Pages 57 - 108
Pages 109 - 145
Pages 146 - 174
Pages 175 - 220
Pages 221 - 256
Pages 257 - 282
Wiring Diagram
Lucas RF95 Control Box
Restoration notes

Factory Manuals

Lanchester LD10 Handbook
60025-61024 & 61800-63799.
Lanchester LD10
Trader Service Data 138
Lanchester LD10 Spare Parts Catalogue No.604-4 (L60025-L61024)
Lanchester LD10
Service Bulletins.
Lanchester Tyres booklet
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