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The DLOC is a club run for enthusiasts by enthusiasts for the owners of all DAIMLER, LANCHESTER and BSA vehicles. It is the only Owners' Club catering for all Daimler, Lanchester and BSA vehicles, which is recognised by Jaguar Cars Ltd. and the Jaguar Heritage Trust.

The club was set up in 1964 with the primary aim of promoting interest in the use and preservation of cars of the three marques. The Lanchester Register was amalgamated into the club in 1971. The SP250 Owners' club became an associated Club in 2003.

As a club we offer many benefits to our members...

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  • Publications
  • Technical & Moral Support
  • Social Events, Trips and Rallies
  • Merchandise
  • Advertising
  • Insurance Schemes

What is the membership cost?

To join the club will cost from £45.00. You can join by post, phone or fax; see the Join the DLOC page for details.





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