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Bob Cantwell and B18 Special Sports

  Bob Cantwell

Board role: vice chairman & membership secretary.

Joined the club in 1988 when I purchased my Daimler V8 2.5 Litre, which I proceeded to totally strip to a body shell & wiring loom. Then started to restore the body which was in quite good condition but still ended up fitting every body panel that was made. This was after teaching myself to weld. Re-sprayed the car in Gold.

On its maiden trip took it to the Daimler Centenary event which was the first time I had driven the car. Loved it and since then have done thousands of miles, both in Britain and mainly in Europe.

Since then have become more involved with the club, became a Director and also membership secretary along with my wife Kath. We are also Branch Secretaries for the Hampshire Branch. More recently I became Vice Chairman on the Board.

Two years ago I bought a Daimler Majestic Major which I am having restored at the moment.

Kevin Bennett and DB18 Special Sports

  Kevin Bennett

Board role: editor of The Driving Member club magazine.

My interest in old cars began when I was legally too young to drive. A school friend introduced me to ancient motor cycles and old cars which he had bought for a few pounds and repaired. I learned to drive them on an abandoned mink farm near Bristol.

My first road going cars were ancient MG and Triumph sports cars, all of which required much of my attention to keep them going. As the years passed my daily motoring involved driving the usual mundane family saloons which were completely reliable but quite dull.

When my children were very young I purchased a derelict Standard Flying 14 saloon. I found its restoration very satisfying and many of the "skills" I had learned as a youngster once again became useful. The fun my family and I had on excursions and rallies with this old car was immeasurable. Those of you bitten by the restoration bug will understand why I immediately looked around for another project!

I purchased a Daimler Barker Special Sports for restoration and joined the DLOC. Several articles relating to the restoration of my coupe were published in Practical Classics, The Automobile and Classic Cars. As a result, in 2000 I was asked by DLOC Chairman Alec Mackenzie (now DLOC President), to edit The Driving Member, a task which I enjoy immensely.

Over the last couple of decades I have owned and campaigned many different Daimler and Lanchester cars, from 10 hp Lanchesters to V8 saloons, most of them requiring attention! As a result I have a degree of hands on knowledge of some of the many and varied motor cars manufactured by the Daimler, Lanchester and BSA concerns.

Glyn Overy and SP250

  Glyn Overy

Board role: treasurer.

I spent my working life with a UK Clearing Bank but latterly I became more involved with the Club, first as an Assistant SP250 Registrar and subsequently adding the role of Treasurer to the portfolio of jobs people think you have time for when you have retired!

My first car was an extremely rusty Sunbeam Talbot and, after a series of such cars which regularly failed MOT tests as a result of corrosion, I was delighted to discover the non-rusting properties of fibreglass. The first demonstration run I had in an SP250 made me determined to acquire one and the resultant purchase has been central to the most important parts of my life. It led to me being introduced to the girl who became my wife, Ann and some 20 years later I had to take it to a disused airfield on private land so that our daughter, Kim could drive it immediately after passing her driving test!

Matthew Waterhouse and SP250

  Matthew Waterhouse

Board role: President.

Actually not officially "on the board", but I attend most meetings as I believe the president should know quite a lot about what is going on.

My first period on the Board was for a period in the 80s and 90s ending with a 3 year stint as Chairman.

First car - a Daimler SP250 in boxes. Assembled, used and eventually sold to help fund first house purchase. Regretted it immediately and had to buy another. This is still owned but has had the body off and rebuilt to my idea of a more developed and usable car.

Interest in Daimlers - my Grandfather had a 1937 Lanchester 14 Roadrider (which I still own) and my father had first a Lanchester 11 then a Daimler DB18. It just got worse from there!! In the family were Consorts (at least 3), a Majestic and a Majestic Major before I acquired my own SP.

I have worked in the car industry for more than 40 years, starting as an undergraduate apprentice at Rolls-Royce, initially Derby then Crewe from 1970. From 2001 (when I left Bentley) I have consulted in the automotive field all over the UK, Europe and the USA. Currently I am working as an Engineering Consultant in the any area that requires my knowledge and experience – mostly renewable energy consulting. Also, I am getting increasingly involved with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers where I assist with interviews and assessments of applicants for membership.

Married to Ann who has survived all these years of cars for work and cars for hobby. Two children, both grown up but only one moved away where he is also into cars - real F1 racing cars. My daughter is also working in the transport industry - horses where she competes in Eventing – dressage, show jumping and cross country jumping all in one competition. I suppose horses are the "cars" of 150 years ago!!.

Location - rural Cheshire. Born and raised in Birmingham but moved to Cheshire for the work in 1970. Probably going to stay here as the communications are still good but it seems better than living in a city, for us at least.

Andrew Wainwright and V8

  Andrew Wainwright

Board role: branch liaison.

Having had an interest in all types of vehicles since early childhood, I have always kept an affection for cars of the 1950's and 60's. Observing and admiring the different makes of car I would see on my daily walk to school was great fun. My early motoring life consisted of running a series of cars of the late 1960's and early 70's. My father-in-law led me into the world of Daimlers by means of a 1937 Daimler DB18 Ritz, 1952 Special Sports, and 1950 Empress. The Special Sports, which my wife has now owned for almost 20 years, I have done my best to maintain. Just over 4 years ago I bought a 1968 V8 250; is there no antidote for this type of behaviour?

I became East Midlands Branch Secretary in 1996, and took on the role of Branch Liaison in 2004. The Branch Liaison role, I feel is an important position, being the link between the Branch Sec's/Local Reps/Model Registrars and the DLOC Board. Being a Branch Secretary myself, helps me to understand the Branch network and the difficulties etc, so that hopefully I can be of some help.

Tony Bagley

  Tony Bagley

Board role: vice president.

I have been a board member since 1968, and have held positions of Club General Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman and a current Vice President. I have attended Club board and committee meetings for over 40 years, and acted as Club Liaison Officer with Jaguar Cars since 1966, meeting with Directors (including Sir William Lyons and "Lofty" England), to gain Club recognition. This way I could arrange transportation of Masons Garage Stores to the DLOC stores in Gamlingay utilising Jaguar transporters.

In 1982 I was invited to discussions relating to the forming of Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust (now Jaguar Heritage Trust), and in 1991 I donated our own Daimler, a 1954 Regency Sportsman, to the Trust. Currently I'm active as J.H.T. volunteer driving all Jaguar, Daimler and Lanchester cars in the collection, except the ones capable of above 180mph (XJ220, XJR13, racing and track events).

I have owned many Daimlers: Consort DB18, 1934 Daimler Sports 15, Briggs LD10, V8 Saloon, SP250 Manual, SP250 Auto, Series 2 XJ, Barker Special Sports and currently own the last XJ357 off the production track. The photo shows the 1954 Regency Sportsman in front, and this last XJ357 behind.

I'm semi retired now, splitting interests between plastics industry manufacturing -I am a Chartered Scientist-, the Court System as a Justice of Peace, College Governor, Committee member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, of which I also am a Fellow, Committee member of both Lands End - John O'Groats Association and Club, and of course the J.H.T. and the D.L.O.C.


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