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Data sheets

The data sheets shown here were prepared for club stands at exhibitions such as the Classic Motor Show in the NEC in Birmingham. They were displayed in printed form next to the exhibited cars. Some are for unique prototype cars, most are for more common cars of the club's marques. Feel free to use them where they can be useful.

Please note: the data sheets were produced with software tools that are no longer available for club use. Therefore they can not be changed or adapted anymore, and thus are made available strictly "as is".

Blank templates for the Daimler and the Lanchester marques are provided at the end the list.

Contributed by Colin Jordan

blank datasheet Lanchester blank datasheet Daimler Colin Jordan prepared a pair of blank datasheets, that you may want to use either for a vehicle not included or as a complimentary sheet to an existing one with the history/detail of your own vehicle. These are his instructions for use:

  1. First download and print off the empty Data Sheet Template (PDF).
  2. The following points explain how to prepare a text file that can be printed into the template via a separate printing step.
  3. Open a new document in Microsoft Word. The page set up should be for A4 with minimum margins.
  4. On the blank sheet draw in a text box 19cms high and 17cms wide. This is the maximum size that can be accommodated inside the template.
  5. Fix the box from the top left hand corner 2cms horizontally and 5.5cms vertically. Then enter your text.
  6. When you have finished your description a trial print will show if minor adjustments of the text box are required.
  7. When you are happy with the set up I would suggest that you print the final sheet on 160 gram light card and have it encapsulated for protection.

Please note that the Club's logo service webpage provides the separate components as downloadable images at a much higher resolution.

 Daimler:  download blank datasheet PDF    Lanchester:  download blank datasheet PDF


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