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Membership Enquiries

Membership enquiries are handled by Edwin Boddington
tel +44 (0)121 748 6014

or write to:

	Edwin Boddington
	254 Stechford Road,
	Birmingham B34 6BL
	United Kingdom

or email:   mailbutton

Subscription Rates

To join the club will cost from £ 36.00.

  • UK Full Member £ 36 by Direct Debit, or £ 37 by any other means of payment.
  • Outside UK: £ 37
  • Family Membership is available at 50% of individual rate with full benefits applying,
    except that only one magazine per family is supplied.

Payment is accepted by cheque or credit card although for UK members Direct Debit is preferred.

DLOC Enrolment Form Download (PDF-format)

If you wish to pay via credit card, please fill the form out and fax it back to us: +44 (0)2380 234655 or post to:

   Freepost, PO Box 719
   Southhampton SO14 3RR
   United Kingdom

Membership Records and Magazine Distribution

   Membership Records,
   Winton Views, Chilworth Road,
   Chilworth, Southampton, SO16 7JS
   United Kingdom


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