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 History and aim of the DLOC

The DLOC was formed in June 1964 with the primary aims of promoting interest in and preservation of ALL vehicles manufactured by Daimler and Lanchester. The "Lanchester Register" became part of the club by amalgamation in 1971. The histories of the marques make it appropriate that they should be catered for by one combined organisation: both having spent the major part of their existence as part of the BSA group. It is for this reason that some BSA models are welcomed, especially those which shared motive power units and transmissions with the main companies' products.

Both Daimler and Lanchester hold their own claims to automotive achievement. Lanchester was the very first all British, four wheel, petrol driven motor car owing nothing to previously recognised mechanical principles, and Daimler have the distinction of being the longest continuously surviving manufacturer of motor vehicles, having been in business without interruption since 1896. As a result, the club holds the distinction of catering for more models and a more diverse range of vehicles than any other.

Between them, Daimler and Lanchester have manufactured practically every form of transport imaginable: from heavy commercials, buses, military, air and waterborne craft, to family cars, luxury saloons and limousines and sports cars - the club exists for them all. No other organisation dedicated to vehicle preservation has so wide a spectrum to draw from.

Currently with some 1750 members world wide and despite being dedicated to classic cars, the club tries to adopt a modern, realistic and progressive approach to promoting the marques and the classic car hobby generally. The DLOC are particularly proud of their association with Jaguar Cars Ltd, who currently own the rights to the marque names. Over the years we have built up an excellent and close working relationship with the Jaguar-Daimler Heritage Trust who number many cars of the club marques amongst their collection. Jaguar's former Chief Executive, Nick Scheele is a club Patron and takes a keen and active interest in club activities. The DLOC have enjoyed official recognition by Jaguar for many years and are affiliated to the MSA (formerly RAC/MSA). It should be stressed that whatever the model of Daimler or Lanchester, or qualifying BSA, all members enjoy the same benefits and services. We welcome particularly owners of XJ-based post 1969 cars as these have at last acquired "classic" status and are making up an increasing proportion of our membership. No vehicle age limit is applied to membership qualification - classic and current model owners are equally welcome.

The Club strives to keep subscription rates as low as possible preferring to supplement subscription income by commercial means via sales of merchandise, publications and the income derived from various scheme facilities offered to members. A special reduced rate is available for family membership to include the member's partner who enjoys all the benefits of full individual membership, except that one magazine per family is provided. For current subscription prices and membership enquiries, see the "join the DLOC" page.


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