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This page provides forms to download for various club member services.

Club car valuation service

The DLOC has prepared a document that can be used to verify vehicle valuations for insurance purposes. The document comprises two pages and requires the vehicles owner to make a declaration regarding the vehicle in question. The statement covers the age and condition and asks the owner to make his own valuation of the vehicle "for insurance purposes only".

This completed form can then be forwarded to the Company Secretary with four good colour photos and a payment of £12.00 made payable to the DLOC Ltd. The completed form will then be checked by a club official and the stated valuation either agreed or disagreed. The form will be stamped with the Company seal and returned to the vehicle owner.

The club official will make no comment on the value: only agree or disagree.

The form has been worded to be suitable for most (U.K.) Insurance Companies, certainly those that support and advertise in the Driving Member magazine.

Download Here (PDF-format).



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